The GOBS Spring Meeting - Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 7:00pm, KU Foundation and Alumni Engagement House.

Hello fellow K.U. Graduate Organization of Bands (GOBS) and K.U. Band Alumni,

I would like to let everyone know that Crystal Cammauf-Young, who has been the GOBS President for the last 22 years, has given me her resignation as President of the GOBS. According to our Constitution, I, Jeff Oxenford, (VP) have been given the responsibility of acting President, until we hold elections. I would like to thank Crystal for all her years of running the GOBS. She has always kept and still does keep, the K.U. GOBS close to her heart.

The GOBS were formed in 1972 to have alumni of the K.S.C. Marching Band stay in touch with each other and help with the current Marching Band. In 1988 we changed our Constitution to represent the K.U. Marching Band. I believe we need to once again reorganize/restructure our organization to represent the Kutztown University Marching Unit (K.U.M.U.) that is now in place at Kutztown University. Over the years not much has changed, but I feel that we need to have others more involved in the organization for the GOBS to keep moving forward. I am looking to try and get younger GOBS interested in doing the yearly things that have been done so well by the same people, the last many years. I know if there is no one who will step up to the plate (since it's baseball season!) the people that Crystal and I have worked with will continue to be there, but everyone that I talked to would offer to step aside and still be involved as having a lesser role with the GOBS.

Since the GOBS were formed, we have helped the University in many ways: performing with the Marching Unit at two professional football games, two U.S. Presidents that were at K.U., and probably the most beneficial to K.U. students, the renovation to Schaeffer Auditorium, with the addition of the R.G.Wells Rehearsal Hall. To this day, we organize the Dinner Dance/Gala for the marching unit that takes place in November. Since 1984 we have given annual scholarships to students of the K.U. band programs. I'll take this opportunity to say, you are always welcome to contribute to this scholarship, (Reid F. Lessig Scholarship) when the K.U. Foundation does their fund drive every year, and I would like to thank you, for those people that has contributed over the years, to this scholarship. The larger the scholarship, the more students we can help financially at K.U. When I started at K.U. (in 1984) the GOBS gave one student a $100 scholarship. The last few years we have given $500 scholarships to two students, thanks to your generosity over the years. Hopefully, this will continue to grow even larger, since tuition continues to rise even faster than what we have to give to students in the band program at K.U.

The other things we haven't done in a few years for us, is having a picnic or playing at a K.U. football game or doing something else that involves getting together, which is something I believe we need to try to do in the near future. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what we should do, please feel free to contact me at:

So, if you are already a GOB or would like to join the organization, with a $10.00 lifetime membership, and interested in being more involved with the GOBS, this is the time! Actually anytime, but now more than ever. The information below will give you and idea about what is happening at our Spring meeting. I am looking forward to seeing new faces and getting to know new/old alumni that have enjoyed being part of the K.U. Music Department over the years, like I have, and so many others.

The GOBS Spring meeting will be on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 7:00pm, KU Foundation and Alumni Engagement House. There will be many things to discuss, one of those is the election of the Executive Board, Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. As you can see, no office is a long term position, so if things get too busy, you can step down. This year ALL offices will be up for election.  They are as follows:

Executive Board

  • President - 1yr term, with unlimited terms of re-election
  • Vice President - 1yr term, with unlimited terms of re-election
  • Treasurer - 2yr term, with unlimited terms of re-election
  • Secretary - 2yr term, with unlimited terms of re-election
  • Corresponding Secretary - 2yr term, with unlimited terms of re-election

Board of Directors (8 members)

  • 2 members- 3yr terms, unlimited  terms of re-election
  • 3 members- 2yr terms, unlimited  terms of re-election
  • 3 members- 1yr term, unlimited terms of re-election

If you are interested in any of the above 12 positions, please email me with the position(s) you would like to hold. I will give your name to the nomination committee. If you need any clarification on the roles of the positions, I would be glad to let you know what is involved with any of the offices. If there are more than one person running for a Executive Board position, the person(s) that do not get a majority vote, will be automatically be put on the slate for a Board of Directors positions, unless you mention otherwise. If you want to be on any of the committees please let me know. You don't have to be in attendance or be a Board Member to be on a committee.

Committees with months of involvement listed

  • Homecoming / Event Committee (July, Aug, Sept, Oct)
  • Dinner Dance/Gala Committee (Sept, Oct, Nov)
  • Scholarship Committee (Feb, March, April)
  • Membership Committee (anytime)
  • Constitution/By-laws Committee-amending/up dating, which I am proposing at the meeting (anytime)

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, we are setting up ZOOM for the meeting, so you can look/listen on your laptop, computer, iPad, or cell phone, as we conduct the meeting, that evening. You will have to contact me, via email, no later than 2 days before the meeting, (3/31/19) so I can let you know how to connect with us, via ZOOM, on the evening of the meeting (max. of 100 people can be connected that evening).

Please email ME if you are planning to attend or will be using ZOOM at:  I will send a response confirming that I received your email.

Thank you,
Jeff Oxenford